Itunes Library to HDD to Prime 4

My music library is all on Itunes (17,000 songs). My problem is updating because playlists and crates are not transferred to an external drive in an updated way. I explain myself to understand if I am doing something wrong. When I add songs on Itunes, I open the program then I go to Engine, I launch the command to uopdate the Itunes playlists (eg: recently added) then I go into synchronization. I notice that the playlists on the external disk are not updated and sometimes the sync is not updated. What is the best or exact way to keep all the Itunes music always updated but above all always on the external hard drive? Thank you

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You have to add the updated Itunes playlists to Engine Prime collection before using Sync Manager.

See this thread for current limitations and request for smoother workflow

And see this other one requesting itunes to be part of Sync Manager

Thank You for your support!

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