It's possible Automatic Loop?

Hello to the forum After many years and returned to Denon. I changed my cabin nexus x the new 5000 prime I’ve been a few days, what I’ve seen I liked a lot.


1.- SC5000Prime

Is it possible to have an activated loop as we usually do in Serato? that when you reach the loop it is already active??? Otherwise, is it possible that this will be in a future update?

so also a possible serato ( flip ) would be spectacular!

change hot cues color directly on the sc5000 and not on the engine? Otherwise, is it possible that this will be in a future update?

2- Engine! Can you modify the image or logo in the engine? my intention is to change it or delete it without having to pass the file by a tag

Any Information is Thanked


Hi @DjCarlosCea and welcome to the Prime Tribe! Let me answer your questions as best I can:

This has been requested a few times so you are not alone, the Dev team are aware and it’s a feature that is boing looked at.

I will add this to the requests.

Again I will pass this on but this is currently managed in Engine Prime.

Do you mean the artwork attached to the mp3 file?

thanks J

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This was possible 3 updates ago… But then it was removed, which I still wonder why. It should be quite easy to implement since it excists in a prior version.

Why did the development team remove this feature, Jay?

I am guessing the entire Denon DJ team is coming to realize that there are way more people that want to use the SC5000s as controllers for DJ software than they first anticipated.

Not saying I agree with using a sophisticated piece of standalone equipment as a “dumb” terminal of sorts for DJ software though!

Hi Jay ! No problem As for my questions about the automatic loop, I am aware that they can come in future updates. In addition to being able to adjust an input and output loop with the jog. I spent 9 years waiting for improvements in cdj nxs functions that never came. :frowning: I do not think Denon takes 9 years to make small adjustments to an incredible machine. LOL Great job

+1 for Auto Loop behaviour similar to Rekordbox’s behaviour.

Hi Jay ! Do you mean the artwork attached to the mp3 file?

Yes! change or delete image in the metadataengine

@Jay_DenonDJ I believe I was (one of) the first one to put in this request back in May 2017 active loop req

In July 2017 a Denon team member replied with: [quote=“Gee_DenonDJ, post:11, topic:3984, full:true”] An advanced variation of this request has been passed to the development team (about 2 weeks ago) [/quote]

SInce 2 year I’m waiting and with every update I’m being dissaoppointed when it relates to this topic. But I’m positive that it will be in the next update

“equipment as a “dumb” terminal of sorts for DJ software though!”

Hi I do not share your thought, what’s more, I find it basic! my work has 50% video, “I use serato” and 50% audio. I need a multifunctional device. To meet all my expectations. A great Jog with adjustment, potentiometer of wide range, big screen with a lot of information and soon the connection to wifi are small details that make the difference. to be locked in a controller is to be in something simple and risky for me! when the machine fails. Everything will stop! On the other hand, the independence of the dishes gives you many more options.

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Agreed, if you are video jock that’s a different deal.

HI @DjCarlosCea - This artwork is taken direct from the music files metadata so if you wish you change you will need to direct on the file, for example in iTunes.

thanks J

Hi Guys, automatic loop or ‘active’ loop is requested here: Ability to Set a Loop as an Active Loop

Be sure to like that thread if you also want this feature.