It's a sad sad day for me...... Complete x1800 meltdown

I played a 4 hour set last night using my 1 month old Denon Prime setup. 1-x1800 / 2-SC5000. About halfway into my set , I was hearing an echo coming through the house monitors. I also heard it in the booth monitor. I check to see if my echo effect was engaged and it wasn’t. There wasn’t any effects being applied. I disconnected my left channel from behind the mixer to see if this may help “reset” the sound without completely shutting off the music and then did the same to the right channel. This didn’t help. Over a period of about 5 minutes the Echo grew stronger and more noticeable. The only thing I could do at this point was make an announcement , and stop the music to power reset the mixer and hope this would solve the problem. Of course when I did this the whole room of about 200 people were very upset! I powered off the mixer and disconnected the power cord for about 30 seconds. And then proceeded to power everything up. For those that have a X1800 knows about the “light show” that happens at start up. Usually once the light show cycles about 3-4 times then the mixer is ready for use. Once I restarted the mixer the light show came on, and never stopped, it kept cycling over and over and over. The mixer was stuck in this mode for about a solid 10 min, which seemed like an eternity. FINALLY something happened and the mixer kicked in and was ready for use. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. I was down for about 15 min and it was the worst experience I ever had. I never want to go through that again. Tomorrow I will be returning my Denon Prime Set Up …

I really love using this set up and have so much fun DJ’n with it. I just can’t take the chance and having this happen again. The last post I made, I was DJ’n a pool Party and had some minor issues but after last night I can’t take these chances anymore. I really wanted this to work I’ve invested a lot of time money and energy into Engine prime. At this time i can say from hands on experience, its not ready for any gigs longer than 3 hours. Something seems to fail. Im an open format DJ and I’m constantly changing genres and using filters and effect to weave in and out of BPMS and i push this mixer to the limit. and after a few hours of this something always seems to fail. If you Guys at Denon want to contact me i would love to discuss the issues in depth over the phone, feel free to reach out.

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If this were true for ALL X1800s I think it would be all over the place. So far you are the first one I heard with these problems. I can not tell you the trouble I have had over the years with gear from other manufacturers. We have to remember this is technology and it CAN break down.

Sounds like you might have the proverbial “monday morning” unit, the one built by factory workers still recovering from their weekend hang-overs.

Personally I’d get it fixed with the help of the friendly Denon guys here. Since it is almost new, I can imagine they’ll have you do a quick swap for a new one. I wouldn’t give up because of it though. Just my opinion.

I will totally agree that having stuff break on you during a live gig is just the worst. It is why I am a great advocate of NEVER playing without a back-up/emergency in place. Since you talk about “house monitors” I am guessing you were in a venue with it’s own PA, but the same is true when playing a mobile gig.

If you plug into the house DJ mixer, I either keep one of the house decks loaded with a prepared 30-minute mix. As a tip from another DJ it starts with some sound fx and then a voice-over that says “Houston, we have a problem!” and then the 1st beat drops. If there are no decks or they are unavailable, I run my own mixer/controller into a very small and portable PA mixer (I use the Yamaha AG03, but the AG06 and the MG03/06 are good for it as well). I have an ipad/iphone hooked up to the PA mixer with the same 30-minute mix stand-by.

So wherever the problem is, I can either hit play on the back-up device or do a quick cable swap (should the PA mixer be the problem) and be up and playing music within 30-45 seconds with up to half an hour to try and fix the problem.

Just my two cents as usual.

<abbreviation of Murphy’s Law: Things that can go wrong, will go wrong and usually at the most inappropriate time>


Hey SonnySeven,

I heard you got in touch with our support team to resolve this and you should be getting a replacement shortly! Please let us know if you have any more trouble with this and we can get in touch again right away!


Yes I got in touch with them. I reached out to the guys at AGIPRODJ in regards the mixer, since I purchased the mixer from them. They reached out to the Denon Staff on my behalf. You guys at Denon called me and took down some information and by the end our conversation I was told a replacement was being sent out to me! I wanted to thank all Involved and helped me resolve this matter. You guys at Denon and AGIPRODJ are top notch and provide great customer service. Thanks for resolving this issue as fast as you did!