Issues with Mac Book Pro?


I am looking for a new Mac Book Pro. However I have some doubts. Serato claims there are certain issues with model 2015 that are similar to model 2016/2017. It also depends on the hardware, but with the MCX it should be alright. Did anyone experience latency issues starting up after 10 minutes followed by a drop out of the controller.

My 2017 MacBook Pro with touch bar has been working flawlessly with Serato and MCX8000. I just upgraded to High Sierra and Serato 1.9.10 today. It’s been working fine in my informal home test. I’ll have a real test this weekend during a 4 hour gig.


Hi Djsergeati,

Thanks for your clear contribution. Your answer reassures me a lot. I think your weekend gig will also be flawless because incompatibility issues are supposed to happen pretty soon after turning on the DJ gear. I would like to know more about your experience after your weekend. Thanks in advance.

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Hello Inklebird,

The MCX8000 and Serato 1.9.10 performed flawlessly on Saturday. I had even forgotten that I had performed the update to be honest. I had a quick panic after setting up due no audio coming up from the speakers but it turned out that I mistakenly plugged into my booth output. It took me a minute to realize what the issue was.

I’m glad to see the lates firmware to be working for people!

I’m really nervous and reluctant to do the latest firmware update. I had issues with my first MCX after updating and exchanged it for another one. The new one I have has higher display versions on it that is on the latest firmware. So now I am nervous to do the latest firmware. Right now it is working great in standalone, and with Serato 1.9.10 on Mac OSX 10.11 ONLY. Sierra and High Sierra do not support the MCX without the latest firmware. I wonder if we can get other people to chime in that have had great success with the latest firmware.