Issue with screen and jog wheels

I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this. Took my prime 2 out for first gig last Saturday. The night was moist but not wet or raining. The prime screen would not work so i had to choose tracks with wheels - not an issue really. what was an issue is the jog wheels kept thinking i was touching the capacitor pad when i was only nudging the side of the wheel, therefore stopping the tracks in the middle of a mix. the prime was effectively useless. Have i got a faulty device? has anyone else experienced this? The prime 2 works perfectly again now i am back inside the house fyi. Begging to think this device not suitable for outdoor events. Shame because i love using it

Hello @djpj1 Welcome to the forum.

This what You described could happened due to bad grounding. Check with different power source.

I’m almost certain you are correct as was using a generator. Many thanks for your reply.

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I used to take a lot of gigs where there were generators and it’s rare for the generator to actually give sensible and correct voltage, or grounding. Generators can be very damaging to electronic gear.

Ive refused gigs for the last few years if the only power source offered is a generator.


If it’s a lack of proper AC ground on your power, then not putting your hand over the jog should be sufficient. You should be able to keep your hand away from the top and still jog bend just fine. If you put your hand OVER the jog to bend, that’s when a poor AC ground cable might cause it to trigger. Bend along the sides or bottom instead of the top and you should be fine. Worse issues, though, appear to be from internal ground defects on the Prime hardware.

(…) therefore stopping the tracks in the middle of a mix. the prime was effectively useless.

Why didn’t you simply deactive Vinyl Mode? No more random stopping of the track, as the capacitive surface is getting deactivated and the whole jog is working in Pitch Bend mode. At least this helps in case of the notorious platter grounding issues of the Mixars Primo. Not sure about the behavior in pause mode though (setting a cue point).

So yeah, you can’t really complain about the unit (which was working fine otherwise, right?) if using it on a more or less insucre power source aka generator. Someone might edit / specify the thread title.