Issue with cue point delete while playing

Playing out last night came across a issue. Set up X1800 and 1 SC5000M.

Was playing out on one layer and cureing up next track on the other layer,the track already had the first cue point (yellow) set but I wanted to move it. So I pressed shift and hit the first cue point button,(While the cueing track was playing) At that point it went a bit weird I first stopped the track. Which it did and tried to needle drop it back a bit. The track started playing again, I thought I must have accidentally hit the play button so I tried to stop the track again. The track stopped for a second and then started again on its own. This was at this point getting me a little freaked out I didn’t have a second deck connected. So I tried to stop the track by skipping it to the end of the track, once I got to the end of the track the track then just started again, but this time I noticed it was starting from the old cue location.(even though the cue point wasn’t shown on the waveform or by the yellow first pad light) (My cue action is set to momentary) So I then Thought ok it’s definitely related to the cue point delete. I just hit the cue point at a random point in the track. Then amazingly everything returned to normal. I was the able to stop the track and once the track was stopped I was able to delete the cue point and then put it where I wanted it.

Both mixer and player have the latest firmware and I am using the latest Engine Prime software. SC5000M v1.2.2 X1800 v1.1.1 Engine Prime v1.2.1

Just thought I would see if this is a known issue. I did search the forum but couldn’t find any reference to this issue, if I have missed the topic sorry.

Hi @Leightaylorf1,

Thanks for sharing! That is very weird.

Have you tried to recreate this, particularly with a different track? It’s hopefully just a one-off glitch, but it could be a result of the track data becoming skewed or just not reading correctly. Was that initial cue point set originally from the SC5000, or Engine Prime software, Serato, etc?

No I haven’t yet tried to recreate it, hoping to tonight. Some of my Libary has come from Traktor Originaly so it could of come from that. It was definitely not created in Engine Prime but I have been going though recreating some cue points.

I will do several trails and see if I can recreate.

I will say I had been moving the odd cue point all night with no issue until this one. But I also moved other cue points after with no issue.

Weird one, On a positive note the rest of the 5 hour set was flawless and it was a joy to use this brilliant equipment.

Have been doing some extensive testing.

Firstly Used a blank Prime Database on a separate computer and reimported a backup copy of my Traktor media files. Then used the history of the night referred to above, when the issue occurred as playlist (transferee manully via text file).to the blank engine database.

Copied the same collection from the above process and replayed the whole 5hour set.( possibly better as I didn’t have the requests coming in) and adjust the Cue points as I was in the night.

I could not recreate the issue I had. The system worked perfectly.

I have also tried to uses Traktor prepared tracks and moving cue points by Deleting and recreating while tracks play and can again report I have been unable to recreate the issue.

Hopefully I just had some file issue that is very specific and not an issue 99% of the time.

Hi @Leightaylorf1,

Thanks for the update! Yup, sounds like maybe a one-off problem with the file. Weird.

Let us know if you run into anything else or have any questions!

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Please see the video in this Facebook group. It’s tge same issue I had.