[Issue] artifacts sound when doing short scratchs

You guyz haven’t experience artifacts sound when doing short scratchs (short back and forth movements) ?

On my sc5000m, I can hear some clicks/pops even with key lock off.

Do I miss a special setting to have clean scratchs ???

My decks are currently in firmware v1.2.0.

go to firmware 1.2.2

I heard there are some other issues with firmware 1.2.2 so I hesitate …

Hello I would suggest updating to the latest firmware and if you have these issues still, contact technical support :slight_smile:

Hello @Chloe_DENONDJ, Upgraded to 1.2.2, issue still there… :frowning:

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Oh dear i do apologise :frowning: Please contact our Technical Support team https://denondj.com/support and hopefully they’ll be able to resolve this for you