Isolator EQ mode - slight audible glitch


I was practising a mix in preparation to record on my Prime 4. I noticed for the first time that there seems to be an audible noise/glitch/artefact once you move the EQ knob outside of the 12 o’clock position, effectively when you engage it. Now I notice it every time.

If you sweep the MID EQ to 9 and then 2 o’clock positions (backwards and forwards, without stopping) during a breakdown or music section without any percussion or drums, it’s noticeable. I’ll record an example later this weekend and post so that people know what I mean.

Now this is just my assumption, and I could be wildly wrong, but, it seems to me it’s happening just as a result of the EQ activating and being called into action. I assume at the 12 o’clock setting, the EQ is effectively de-activated (the EQ only turns on once moved out of it’s 12 o’clock position), being a digital algorithm, it’s either on or off. Correct me if I’m wrong, as I could well be!

I think this could be remedied if Denon could potentially apply some smoothing to the Isolator EQ algorithm so that it doesn’t cut in so abruptly when twisting the knob away from the 12 o’clock position.

Who knows, it may just be a new fault with my unit, as I have only just noticed it after recording numerous mixes on it. I’ll get an audio example recorded as soon as I can using something simple like a sine wave, which should hopefully make it easier to hear the issue I’m talking about. I mix using the Isolators rather than using the volume faders (kind of like using it as a rotary mixer), so it’s bugging me now that I’ve noticed the issue.

If any of you would care to check if it also happens on your unit, that would be great!


*edited to add in ‘Prime 4’

What firmware are you running on the mixer? Tried setting the mixer to default settings, factory reset?


I’ll double-check that later on and post the info here. I’m still running the 1.4 firmware for the actual Prime 4 unit. I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head what the mixer firmware is without checking!

Oh, sorry I thought you have the X1800/1850, not the Prime 4. 1.4 it is then. Try the factory reset and let us know

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