Is this a Denon prime4 original part crossfader?

Just bought this Denon Prime 4 a few days ago from a guy and the crossfader didn’t/doesn’t work… I never had the chance to test it thoroughly( my mystake)… I opened it to see if the connection is loosen or something, but its not! Everything was in place but nor working ( left right shifting with no response on either side )… This is what i found inside… Is this an original part or i got a cheap replacement instead ? Please let me know what parts are compatible so that i can change it myself since i am in a country(Romania) where i cant get help/parts relating this problem… Thank you

Yes, my Prime 4 crossfader is exactly the same.

Are you sure the crossfader assign switches are not set to ‘thru’?

You could try a Innofader as an alternative for razor sharp cuts

can you send me a pic with your assigned setup?

Are you saying you don’t know how to use the mixer?

There’s no point me showing a picture of my setup, because I don’t use the crossfader.

It’s quite simple. The switches have three positions. L, thru, R.

If the switch is set to L, it will send the signal to the left side of the crossfader. If it’s set to R, it sends the signal to the right side. Set to ‘thru’ it does not send a signal to the crossfader.

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That is… the switch on each of the four channels has those three positions, to make that channel “live” when the crossfader is toward its L position (left side) or its R position (right side). If any of the four channels have their switch set to “thru” then that channel will be heard wherever the crossfader is.

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Exactly what the others have said. Looking at your photo - although blurred background - it looks as though you have your channel faders selection options in the middle position - which is their ‘thru’ setting.
Maybe the guy you bought it off preferred it this way - as do may others.
Maybe you didn’t need to take it apart after all?

Your preferred set up should look something like this …

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Thanks people :sunny:

What’s up @Mihai.B,

You can contact Denon directly to order a replacement fader (I’ve done this before with my MCX8000).

On the aftermarket, the Mini Innofader Plus is a direct fit.

Most likely, the Innofader will cost a lot more than the OEM part (MCX8000 fader was about $15 U.S. direct from Denon).

Good luck!