Is there any possibility to storage data in another disk than C:

Hi. I have a question that are Win-related. I’ve been tryin’ to figure if thera are any possibility to storage data from Engine in any other disk than the systemdisk? My system is an SSD C: and storage in a HD D:. The SSD is a small and it’s occupied with lots of programs and like iTunes the Engine store all it’s information in the systemdisk which by the way is how Apple-OS is working. What I am asking for is can I change the destination of the storage to the other disk instead of the systemdisk? Thx for any information.

good question on my Windows machine the engine library is placed on the same drive as where the music collection is location.

I also have a SSD as my C drive, with limited space, so my music collection is on my HDD drive (D) and my engine lib also gets created in the root of my D drive.

So if you start fresh and your music collection is not on your C drive then your engine lib should not be created on your C drive.