Is there any Log, Hour meter or similar "Usage meter" on Denon Prime 4

Among others, my background when I was young were old Sony BetacamSP editing machines. There, you could easily see Hour Meter, like ON time, Drum hours, Tape Hours etc. So you could easily tell how much usage the device has on it…

I saw that Prime 4 have some history and you could easily see sessions played, but without duration or date when it is used? Or I’m wrong?

In Prime 4 User Manual, there is one (1) sentence that describes the History function, but there is no data about how many sessions it will remember, time frame etc… Or it will remember sessions from the beginning of use?

But is there any official Log, with a number of uses, hours of uses, how many time it was booted etc?


Don´t know if there is an internal hour meter. The history is for your internal use. It logs all played tracks (from your drive … no streaming). Every drive has its own history. It´s more like a playlist.

It saves as much you want (and so much your drive can handle).

You can delete and copy tracks from history in engine prime software.

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The history feature in the user manual is just a “last nights playlist was… “ sort of file creation.

I suppose you could add up all the created history files, but I think those are created 1 per power up, so if there were 100 history folders, you wouldn’t know if someone switched the prime 4 on 25 times a day for 4 days, or 10 times a day for 10 days or 100 times in 20 years

Did you want this info for your red paint placard of “I broke my button and it’s only been switched on for xxxx hours” :laughing:

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There might possibly be something deep within the underlying OS (which is Linux) but it won’t be accessible from the Prime interface.

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OH Yes :slight_smile: Digital marketing and media are my strong point… if they don’t accept my warranty, Youtube, Vimeo and all social networks will be basically plagued with this case!

This is a really superior product. A friend of mine bought those new Pioneer CDJ 3000 with that ridicilously overpriced 6 channel mixer. He visited me to try Prime 4 and his almost 5x more expensive setup don’t have Tidal integration, Dual Layer, built in Onboard track analysis, bigger screen, WiFi, Full Track buffer, Rotary encoder for Loop Jump, tons of USBs, built-in SATA Bay and lot of other stuff…

Prime 4 is really incredibly valued product, maybe one of the best entertainment devices ever, but with some really stupid shortcomings and Denon must redo those to be even better!

And I’m here to help them! :slight_smile: