Is there a similar to "memory" in Engine Prime like it is in rekordbox?

As topic says. Is it? In rekordbox you can add a memory point which, for example, autostarts a loop. Brillaint on for example acapellas or a point you always gonna loop anyways.

So when the song reaches lets say 01.10.00 it autoloops since you set this to be the memorypoint of that action…

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Short answer :innocent:

Man, I wish that provision was there. I miss that terribly. Would be a really nice addition.

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There are some function requests to obtain “cue memories” and others to activate a loop before reaching the programmed loop point.

They were requested a few YEARS ago, they were commented by the Denon DJ guys as “useful, interesting, we will definitely implement them” but as of today they are not there yet. :astonished:

Hmh, maybe I should bump it or make another request? The feature is absolutely great to have!

@mufasa @DJ_Manis do you guys know if its workaround? Example make it in rekordbox and export it to engine prime? Or does it not recognize the functionality at all?

You can add your vote by clicking on the :heart: in the first post of those links I wrote.

(even if by now I have lost hope that this will be of any use)

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Ok cheers man. Ill bump them as well. That feature is just way too good to ignore.

I posted comments on both as well.

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