Is their a possible Prime 4 refresh coming out soon?

Hi I am new here and I have never mixed before but I am wanting to learn so I wanted to ask if anyone knows the timelines for model replacement updates in general on when they do refreshes updates on products because if its a possibility it will be next year I do not mind waiting for it. I just do not want to buy one now and then a new one comes out in 2-4 months.

Generally speaking the Prime 4 being updated or refreshed.

There may well be some Denon employees who know what’s coming - but they would be sworn to secrecy.

There’s no way anyone from Denon would tell us that kind of info.

People here were asking recently for info on bug fixes and forthcoming features, and were told in no uncertain terms that they can’t/won’t disclose anything.

If I am correct, these have been the release dates for “Prime” products so far:

January 2017: SC5000, X1800, VL12

August 2018: SC5000M

January 2019: Prime 4

January 2020: SC6000, SC6000M, X1850, Prime 2, Prime GO

April 2021: LC6000

Currently, I think the entire planet is in a crisis of electronic devices manufacturing and also shipping. But I could be wrong…


If we all held out for “the next one” we’d buy nothing and miss everything


:DREAM: Prime 4 Motorized Platter edition :drooling_face: :END DREAM:

I did wonder when the White Prime 4 dropped. …looks like a good way to get a few more sales out of the current model, before the next one turns up.

with rotary faders?

Nah… just the vinyl touch motorized platters like the SC6000 has the SC6000M version…

I would switch in a heartbeat!

It’s certainly possible. The MCX8000 was released in early-2016 with the Prime 4 three years later. SC6000s also released three years after the SC5000s. So if we go by historically, then yes it’s entirely possible the Prime 4 gets refreshed in early-2022. But practically, I don’t know how much more they could upgrade the Prime 4 as it’s already ahead of any gear on the market. Motorized/bigger jogs would be my best guess but if that’s the case, the Prime X would be at likely a much higher price point as to not cut into the remaining Prime 4 market.