Is the SC5000M Worth the extra $?

Have a question for those that own the M’s are they worth the extra $500 that they cost…I’m on the fence of wether to get the sc5000 or pay the extra $ for the M’s keep in mind I want to get 2 so it would be an extra $1k for them.

It’s personal preference really, and of course motorised platters are better if you scratch.

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I’m by no means a turntablist but i do scratch a little…I guess the question is…is having vinyl worth the extra $1K

That’s interesting. In Europe both models cost the same.

When I expand the setup to 4 units, it will be with 2 SC5000M’s. It will be way far down the line for us tho. We have plenty of turntables in the house, so a moving platter is just a luxury.

I enjoy them. In some ways I find them more intuitive than the non-Ms with their very sensitive and asymmetric job bend. Hopefully we get some good firmware updates that resolve the speed up issues, keylock overriding when bending on the platter or record, and some overcompensation of the motor I’m noticing as well as giving us some jog bend options. I’m glad I bought them, though.

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How bad is that speed up issue?

Like you’re in 33rpm and someone just switched your TT into 45rpm mode or something out of the blue, and it doesn’t resolve until the pitch is moved back to zero at least momentarily.

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Man that ■■■■■ wow I wonder if that’s a common problem

It happens on both of mine. InMusic finally just replicated the issue on their end, apparently, so hopefully there’s a fix soon.

Man that’s concerning… I think that’s what happened to Laidback Luke

What did happen to Laidback Luke?

I think they’re worth it. Took mine out last night and other than forgetting to turn off the sync button once and a couple of 1 deck mixing operator errors they were good.