Is the prime 4 shipping has been pushed up for may?

Its Too Much Late.Pre Ordered From Past 2 Months The Delivery Date Was 20april And Now The Dealer Is Telling It Has Been Delayed And Not Shipped Yet U Cant Get It Before End Of May or Beginning Of June😖I THINK THE POST OF SHIPPING FROM DENON DJ WAS FAKE OR JUST FOR HOLDING UP THEIR CUSTOMERS😣

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Good things come to those who wait.


Sorry, I stopped reading after seeing so many capital letters.


Hahahaha I hate being yelled at.

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Delays will be worth it

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Love the way Samsung comes out and explains the situation…

Companies (plural) can learn from this…


No the delays wont be worth it because Denon keep using the same excuse we are updating firmware which is balls cos its now taken um 3 months to update firmware when all they need to do is release it and tell us to update. Myself have canceled my order now due to it getting pushed back time and time again and many more will follow and have been waiting over 3 months. No thx ill just go elsewhere and spend my cash.


Got a call yesterday from my UK supplier to say they are only getting 4 units in on 10th May for those who pre-ordered in the first few hours.
Even though I ordered mine on 13th Feb, I will have to wait for the second batch sometime in June.
Oh well that’s another pay day towards it! I’ll just have to stick with my RX for now…

I feel sorry for the people who paid upfront. Apart from a photo of some boxes there has been no more comments from Denon.

Interesting too why all the threads discussing delivery dates are getting shut down.

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"Dear Customers,

We received an official communication from Denon, unfortunately the first delivery has been pushed for 30 days, they informed us they’re still working on the firmware to make sure it’s up to the standards of the customer. We apologize for the inconveniences, since we know you’ve been waiting for your units for quite some time. Please keep in mind we’re doing our best to get the Denon DJ Prime 4 as soon as possible, and the brand is doing their part to make sure you receive a top-notch product. If there’s something else we can do for you on our end, please let us know."

This is what I received from my shop, where I pre-ordered it. So they pushed it yet again another month…

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To put it in perspective, I pre-ordered my Phase May of last year. I just got my phase unit yesterday.

I also pre-ordered the Technics MK7 and have received two delays so far.

This is just the nature of pre-ordered hardware. If Technics (easily the most highly regarded DJ Turntable company for 40 years) has delays, youl’ll be okay with others having delays as well.


Upto standards for the Customer but dont worry will will send them out to the youtubers for next to nowt so they can brag how awsome it is even though according to us the Firmware is not ready lol.

Denon speak complete garbage about the fact they just hyped up there own gear and cant follow through with the date they originally said. Typical business as usual.


As someone who has received demo units of products (for generating presets), I can tell you that those demo units often come with well written disclaimers about what is being worked on.


Yes the demo units reciewers are being told that they are not for live use

I guess until someone gets to a point in their career, or other recognised pro-standing in media or e-media, they’ll never really appreciate the guidelines which are often set out for those who review a prototype or beta version of a device

Received an email from my dealer on 25th April saying limited stock arrived but already allocated. They expect next deliveries weekly but quanity is so low I could be 1st week June! I paid my deposit on 24th January only a week after it was anounced!! I am sure Denon are ramping up production but I couldn’t wait any longer.

So I bought an X1800 and another SC5000. Better sound quality. Need an all in one case. Any recomnendations?

And that is the centre of it. Some people will simply have a go at denon on a daily basis just for the sake of having an axe to grind daily daily daily like the broken record. Any topic will do, any topic hijacked.

And yet, other dj gear companies make far larger, louder “hype” and take far longer to turn the hype to a purchasable product.

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See suggestions in this topic with link to what I use:

For all you denon DJ’s looking for a flight case solution

People shouldn’t review products that they can’t be thorough on or honestly evaluate, especially when they’re making advertising money.

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I preordered my Prime 4 on 30. January with scheduled ship dates of March. Since then ship dates have been rolled back several times… Now ship dates are supposedly scheduled for sometime in May 2019… 4 months is an awfully long time to have paid in full for an item and not to receive it…

What makes it worse and ■■■■■■ me off is that Denon is continually posting videos on their YouTube channel of DJ’s (latest video is Chris Armada) out and about using the Prime 4. If these shipping delays are due to firmware upgrades, why are these knuckleheads out using the Prime 4…

The firmware excuse is ■■■■■■■■. If that were true Denon could have shipped the product and let everyone DL the firmware themselves… very frustrating, especially with all the DJ’s out using the Prime 4 while the rest of us sit here empty-handed…