Is it time?

Is it a out time for another BIG firmware update? Not just a beta of soundcloud going live . No something really significant including ALOT of the things we’ve added ALOT of our likes to.

Come on Denon , pioneer haven’t just dropped the ball, I don’t think their new owners are even going to ask them to even pick up the ball from now on. Time don’t get much better than now to let people walk into stores or let them visit websites and ask what’s best, without having the “denon Prime is good but it doesn’t do xxxxx very well at the moment”

Don’t all get into the denon boat, sit around the deck table, smiling through the sunglasses… get the beats grid and bpm released together with a few dozen of the other things some have been asking for since the release of prime.

That new dedicated to Prime software team has been in place long enough now that we can’t really attribute the term “new” to them anymore. Throw us a bone here , as not just a “we’re working on it, it’s on our radar, jam tomorrow” sort of interim pacifier please.

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Well, the history repeats it self…



Much as I’d like to feel a huge amount of satisfaction from the dyslexic mumblings of a dead donkey-eared muppet, the request for (even more) patience wore thin a long long time ago, in a dj booth not so far far away…


Use the force :rofl:

Actually I think quite a bit has been done in the recent past. And if they are developing Agile/Scrum-based, then having MAJOR upgrades is -most likely- not gonna happen (anymore), rather short bursts in which one or two features (major or otherwise) are added, some bugs are killed and on to the next sprint.

Just my 3 cents and as usual I could be way off the mark.

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Personally I prefer minor improvements and bugfixes regularly, than long waits and major updates.


I think this will hopefully be a major release with BPM improvements and flexible beat grid included, then smaller incremental updates afterwards.

Its very important this happens soon to keep customers faith though, especially with all the new hardware coming out and a potential new user group.

Really should have been in place for the Prime 4 release but hey ho.

Only 15 words into your reply about denon dj firmware updates and there’s that “ if “

Can I be really clear, I love Prime, I’ve got 2 x SC5000 and an 1800 and when stock is in place in enough places, Ill get a Prime 4 as a home unit / back up unit. It’s been YEARS though that some of the Prime early adopters have been waiting for BPM and beat grid improvements. The only reason ty at I’ve not been waiting 3 years for those things on prime is that I only got my primes last summer. I’d be completely ■■■■■■■ livid if I’d waited 3 years and was still getting stiffed by IF’s.

I’ve also notice that by only joining the prime sect last summer All the celebrity endorsements have come and gone, I’ve missed em all. Tiesto, Oliver helden, paul oakenfold, even laidback Luke hasn’t been hiding denon things under blankets since autumn last year.

So, as “change your rider” doesn’t seem to be the warrior call or battle cry any more maybe the more common and more natural call of “Ditch your laptop” should be hash tagged as prime owners seem to be saying that a lot.

I think I kinda have been one of the most vocal persons on this forum regarding stuff Denon should do better during the last 3 years. Oh Boy, have I hade some discussions with the Denon crew :joy:

Thankfully after they got the Dev team in NZ, things have happend way faster than before, and I think that their ‘in-house’ testers and their members that function as testers have done a good job so far - and I believe they will continue doing so.

Yes the BPM has always been, and still is, a very important aspect… I actually think that if they fix that (so we can edit on the units) and bring the ‘activate-loop-before-pressing-play’ back again, I would be satisfied.

But looking at my SC5000s today and when I bought them 2 years ago, stuff has happend.

And they (Denon) have done a good job!

Now we just need the BPM issues ironed out… Which I hope we’ll see (hate the word) soon. JWiLL has said that this is main-focus now, so we should see changes! :muscle:


Hi, just to clarify, the “if” had nothing to do with discrediting what you said. My main point was that in modern day software development, BIG upgrades are becoming more and more a thing of the past. And as such I doubt we will be seeing feature jump upgrades, especially with the Prime environment being less susceptible to hardware changes (which often caused newer controllers to be a bigger collection of feature enhancements/additions).

Clearly things that are wrong need to be fixed. There is no doubt about that.

We can have long discussions on EP and it’s merits (or lack thereof). I do know that inMusic/Denon have taken some serious steps to up the development of the software in the not to distant past and it has led to several private and public beta’s as well as full releases.

And in your OP you claim there is nothing more than a “soundcloud integration” in the latest beta, the last year has seen the advent of WiFi activation, cable internet option and -indeed- streaming integration.

At many other blogs/forums the consensus is that streaming audio (with all that it will entail in the near future) is the way to go. And here is Denon, delivering both the technical (wifi) and functional (streaming integration) in their Prime series, currently the only viable stand-alone DJ gear to do this. I guess we will have to agree to disagree about this being MAJOR feature enhancements.

Another thing that is becoming clear recently is that a clear split is being made now between EP as collection management software on the one hand and the Prime OS on the other. Imho indicative of the fact that Denon is really trying hard to get things on track in a way that benefits us users.

I am gonna continue using the Prime 4, which I love, a third-party tool (■■■■) to convert to EP from my existing iTunes/Mixvibes Cross workflow (to lazy to go to full EP yet) and work around whatever issues there are.

Regardless of what gear I have owned and/or used in the 43 years on the decks, NEVER has there been gear that was a 100% fit in features or implementation, build quality or user friendliness.

At the end of the day, we all just want to be spinning music and entertaining the crowd (and bringing in extra bar turnover in the process). And when something hampers that, the logical response is frustration, which only grows the longer the situation exist.

+1 on the “Ditch the laptop” hash-tag. I actually do believe that for the mainstream DJ community (who have never heard of a rider LOL) this is by far the more important feature of the Prime series.

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This! And the obligatory more than 12 characters.

??.. Sorry, dont get it :joy:

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I hope with all the bug fixes, streaming features and extra goodness they are adding that a rewrite of some sort is happening at the same time. Engine DJ perhaps.

Things like checking files every time one switches playlist or crates, database corrupting with a sneeze shouldn’t be happening on Engine Prime/Engine DJ.

You don’t build a skyscraper on a bungalows foundation.

Sheat your swords - every major software has a rewrite from ground up at different times. They keep elements of the previous version that works well, clean up the code to be more efficient and stable.


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As long as needed = 14

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Got it now 9 10 11 12 :joy:


To explain, what I meant by that was, I wanted more in the next Firmware release than just the beta of soundcloud firmware just being given a release version number instead of a beta version number… I wanted some of the other requested features included too. I wasn’t trying besmirch the usefulness of streaming or suggesting that it’s not useful, although I find tidal better than soundcloud.

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I saw lot’s of similarities of the hardware build of the Prime 4 and Akai’s MPC X…

Since i am an owner of a Mpc Live and experiencing a reasonable OK and on point update follow up on that device it got me hoping i would enjoy the same if i would get rid of my Pioneer RX2 & step into the Denon camp with buying the Prime 4.

I must say… the updates that came out allready (with horizontal view) realy imporoved a certain workflow.

Reading what’s been requested in ceveral topic on this forum i only can conclude there are pointers that can’t be ignored as lot’s of them are realy dealmakers to make the whole denon range close to perfect.

You realy need to understand that those updates in order to be perfect need time.

I am realy excited what the future will bring because i realy love my Prime 4 as it is allready! eventho it can be better.

It’s all in the details and slowly but surely we’ll get there. let’s keep on keeping our remarks & requests input as constructive as possible by helping each other to formulate issues from different pov’s.

Ps: Denon, the giant in the game is sleeping in a deep coma, let’s get passed Pioneer by making it perfect! Regards N.

Now would be a great time to drop a beta, lots of owners stuck at home right now…


Yeah that would be sweet, but the devs are probably working from home too.

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True but they don’t have to hand deliver it, if it’s close enough to be beta’d I’m sure they could get it out remotely. There are bigger priorities in the world right now though, just wishful thinking since I’m about to be around the house for at least the next nine days.