Is it possible to use the DJ prime 2 as a way to route my audio from Playstation 4 Slim?

Hello I just got a Dj prime 2 and loving it so far. I see on the manual that it is possible to connect an Iphone or tablet to the mixer.

So two questions

  1. How would I do that? What cable would I need to connect it to my Iphone XS Max?

  2. Taking that into account, would I be able to connect a PS4 Slim via the usb on the PS4 to the back of the Prime 2 and route the audio that way into my interface(Duet for mac) to get better audio quality? to hear the audio on my speakers?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  1. assuming your iPhone uses a lightning cable, you need lightning to RCA cable. you might need to use your lightning cable to headphone jack adaptor that came with your phone.

  2. No, not the way you think…I think. The PS4 is designed to route audio out via the HDMI, you plugging a usb from the ps4 to something doesn’t magically route audio out of there…you see what I mean? MacBook will have a “audio out” like the headphone port or you have access to software that control ports.

Something like this item in the image might help you with the PS4. its from amazon and it is called a lot of crap and one of those is an “audio extracted”. this should get you on the right path either way…

For 1.