Is Engine (Prime) corrupting my Serato library?

The first time I tried importing my Serato library over to Engine, I had to download QuickTime (a huge no-no for us Windows users) just so it could analyze an MP3 file, only for my Serato library to become corrupted. When Engine Prime was released, I tried analyzing my Serato DJ library over to Engine Prime. Now after a Windows 10 update, half my tags have been reset in Serato DJ, and even my back-ups are now corrupted. Has anyone else noticed this? This is twice Engine Prime has scanned my library one way or another and corrupted it on Serato’s side.

Can you give us a specific example eg:

On track “Set me free” by “Fred smith” the tags used to say … but now say …

None of the songs shown are color-coded on the left anymore and their time stamps are missing. Also, songs that had a lock by them were unlocked and modified.