iPhone/iPad cable

Hi all, I’m looking in getting a high quality cable that I can connect my iOS devices to the Prime 4 for those times I get requests for songs I don’t have. What do you recommend are good ones? Thanks

A lightning cable and a camera kit. :sunglasses:

^^ Never mind this. Works only with X1800.

A bit overkill there @Reese. Just get the lightning to mini-jack adapter (if you don’t already have it) and use any sturdy mini-jack to 2x rca cable. Done.

Just be sure to turn your iPhone/iPad volume to max or one block under or you won’t get enough volume out of it.

Then again, you COULD just wait for the Public Beta to go Full Release … have wifi and streaming on-board :slight_smile:

Would a RCA to USB-C work? This way I can you any deck (say deck 4) and play off the iPhone. I understand about streaming but I also have both Spotify and Apple Music.

And turn of your ringtone and message notifications :smiley:

I use same option as @DJ_Vintage whenever needed. The lighting to minijack is sold by Apple


I didn’t notice the topic location. The option I gave isn’t even possible with the Prime4…

Use the Tidal integration?! :thinking:

From https://tidal.com/terms

5. Restrictions applicable to the use of the service

The Services shall be for private use only and use of the Services in commercial or public settings is not permitted.