iPad USB effects setup - routing without DVS mode?

So I’ve just ordered an X1800 and I’m excited to start performing with it - just the mixer and one Traktor D2. I like that there’s two discrete USB soundcards, this will definitely come in handy for playing tracks off my iPad using a DJ app while I’m still setting up my main rig. However, one of the other neat things you can do with an iPad these days is Effects routing.

I’m not a huge fan of Pioneer’s RMX-1000 app but I do really like another app called LiveFX, the question is now when my unit arrives will I be able to somehow route the main effects send / return into the iPad like a soundcard? I’ve read elsewhere on the forum that this can be done for RCA Line / phono inputs using the DVS switch, but almost everything I’d be doing would be through Traktor as a soundcard so that might not work for me.

Either way, given the fact that most of the inputs / outputs on the unit are supposed to just be portals into the digital realm this very well may be possible via a Firmware update if it isn’t now. It would definitely make the unit ultra competitive against Pioneer’s mixer with its dedicated iPad USB port!

Hi @kezzism. Have you tried the LiveFX app with your X1800 ? How did that go?

Unfortunately the app couldn’t access the Send/Return effect channels when plugged in to the other USB slot, I presume they’d have to add a “USB Return” option as an Effect in an upcoming firmware, after looking at the mixer’s architecture that should be pretty easy for the engineers and a big selling point once added. Otherwise, the iPad connects very well to the X1800 for using apps like DJay Pro (which is useful to play music from before my Laptop is set up).

For the time being, I actually have managed to get LiveFX to work with the mixer but through slightly convoluted means, the 1/4" Send and Return outputs and inputs have to be plugged into a 2x2 audio interface like the Focusrite 2i2, after that you can use it like a regular pedal, it just adds extra bulk to the rig when we’re only a firmware update away from having this functionality built in (just like on the Nexus mixers)