iOS with DN-X1600 : Query

Hi all! I just got a dn-x1600, but there seems to be some compability issues with iOS. Maybe someone can tell me what is “wrong”: When I hook up my iPad 3 (iOS 9.3.5, dj-app “Dj Player Pro”) to the dnx1600, the USB communication is not completely satisfying. I.e. I cannot assign usb to different channels (this makes troubles in dvs-mode since the app only communicate the dvs via ch1 and 2 on the dnx1600 - and ch1 have no turntable connection…) For iOS 10 (iPad 4/iPhone 5s), the app does not find the soundcard in the dnx1600 at all.

The dnx1600 is listed as class compliant. But maybe there is still something not matching with apple and iOS…??

Could there be any point of trying to downgrade the dnx1600’s firmware to one older than “2000”??

Were you able to somehow change assigned usb channels in previous ios? This seems like a limitation of software but you migh wanna check the X1600 utility if it offers changing it through that.

That’s because from ios 10 and macOS Sierra, Apple changed something in their CoreAudio support so all of previous Denon mixers (X600, X1600, X1700) are not supported. That also tells you how much “class compliant” matters to Apple: nothing.

No, always run your hardware with the latest firmware (after it is thoroughly tested by the community).

Denon could deliver an driver for their mixers (sure it’s Apple fault that they changed something) but denon preferred to say the mixer is too old.

Slay and Djtwok:Thanks for the informative answers!

Regarding older iOS and compability: you are probably right that older iOS than 9.3 could work better, but my problem is that the app I am using (Dj Player Pro) need 9.3 or earlier.

And I have also tried to change settings in the x1600’s utlity, but it looks that there is no way to assign dvs signals to specific channels, only “ordinary” usb signals.

My work-around is to use a phono preamp for the ch 1. And I was so lucky to find a iPad Air 2 still using iOS 9.3 :wink: