Introduction and Thankyou

Hi guys… I am new to SS. I’ve been using the software now for about a month, however bear in mind that at this stage I have not yet received my SS interface (on backorder). Hopefully I’ll be up and running with my interface soon. I’m sure I’ll have heaps of questions etc. Just wanted to say Hi and thanks to SS for the awesome customer service so far.

A little about me… I am a simple Mobile Party DJ including Karaoke. I don’t mix except for simple crossfades. I have 2 Max Lighting Partybar 11’s (4x20w cob) and 3 Event Lighting Saber 2 3in1 lights (derby, strobe and uv). I use all Behringer gear as far as sound is concerned (some of you will shudder, but I really like it.).

Anyway, Basically, this is just a Hi, and Thanks and warning that I’ll be posting heaps of questions as I am fairly new to DMX and very new to SS.

Cheers All, Pacman.