Introducing Prime GO and Prime 2


PRIME GO - No-Compromise, ‘Play Anywhere’ DJ Performance

Experience the power of the PRIME SERIES in an ultra-portable, standalone 2-channel smart DJ console. Throw PRIME GO in your backpack, prep your DJ sets on the road, then rock up to any gig or event with a no-compromise DJ work ow and feature set. Powered by the lightning-fast ENGINE OS platform, PRIME GO shares the same ultimate touchscreen interface experience as its bigger PRIME 4 brother, but adds a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to provide extreme portability. Take advantage of PRIME GO’s built-in WiFi capability too and stream music standalone, with no laptop needed, giving you access to TIDAL’s 60+ million songs to add to your playlist prowess!


PRIME 2 brings the Engine Prime eco-system to DJs at all aspirational levels of their career – the power of PRIME in a 2-deck unit, delivering the pinnacle in DJ performance and creative workflow. The PRIME 2, is a 2-deck standalone DJ system with 7-inch multi-touch/gesture display, pro-mixer section, powerful performance pads, capacitive-touch FX knobs and dedicated dual-mic channels.


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Hi @sbangs,

Congratulations on the 2 new devices!

The screen layout on the GO… Could you somehow make a wish that this view/ layout could be present on the SC5000/M when using both layers? Its the same screen size… So it would def. help alot to see both waveforms moving when using Dual-layer… Maybe by pressing the View-button one extra time… or shift + View

Best regards and congratulations again.


ok, 1st question from me…

On the Prime go, the spec that several sites have listed mentions mic EQ, but I don’t see physical knobs for this.

Is this buried in the on-screen settings?

Yes its in the settings.

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That Prime 2GO is very interesting. What are the specs of USB? HDD-drive and SSD-drive?

As a wedding DJ, I’m really interested in the Prime GO!

I often set up my main disco system, with 2 x prime 5000 and x1800 for the afternoon and evening but also need a tiny set up for civil ceremonies, which only needs to be set up and play music for about an hour, to and hour and half. As I already use battery powered Speakers for the civil ceremony then the Prime GO! would be an almost instant setup / breakdown for me and would be a perfect backup for the main room in the case of any problems with the 5000s and 1800.

It’s a win win for me when it comes out.

Any ideas when Prime Go ! Is going to be in Turkey ?

Articles are saying Q1 2020 at the moment

Neat, but I don’t like those short pitch faders on the Prime GO and the jogs seem unusually extra small. You really ought not be downsizing those parts from the P4, especially the pitch faders.

What’s the rationale for the battery on the GO?

Prime 2 also doesn’t seem as small overall as it could be, and could use some of the 6000’s efficient use of space.

What are the dimensions on these prototypes? It seems like you went overboard on downsizing for the GO and insufficient on it for the Prime 2.

Edit: Those meters on the GO seem insufficient. I presume there is 18 dB headroom between 0dBVu and peak, rather than it being Full scale like on some of Numark’s later digital mixers. Between the pitch faders and the meters, I can’t see that being a good manual mixing experience.


Wow, missing the standard rear inputs on both.

Why would you expect them to be there for to Go? I was hoping for a little more connectivity with the prime2 though.

You know what’s funny that knob tweeker crossfader kinda enjoyed the eq layout. Easier to tweak.

The Versadeck with only 0.5 inches more width than the GO has the standard rear connections.

Also, considering in live use GO is not fully wireless since it appears to lack Bluetooth and can’t stream back over WiFi, meaning you’d have to connect it to audio cables and will probably end up using AC power anyway, then the only truly wireless and battery-powered application for this $1000 unit would be for headphone-only practice & prep sessions on the train or plane, right? In that case, I hope they have a change of heart and add a split cue for that.

As for me, I’d trade the battery on such a portable standalone all-in-one for an internal SATA bay, second USB drive port, longer pitch faders, and/or the standard collection of rear inputs so I could get more use out of it in other situations. And they could do it with another inch of width, too, in addition to some of that SC6000s space-using efficiency.

BTW, the Prime 2 is only about 3 inches narrower than the Prime 4, but you’re giving up two layers & upfaders and the standard rear inputs.

This is a question for the Denon staff and I wonder how the Corona outbreak will affect the expected delivery of the newly introduced hardware. Even if it’s manufactured in Taiwan I belive that many of the parts inside is coming from China and many of the factorys have not opened after the Chinese New years holydays due to this virusinfection. Is there any delays???