Internet connection causes Network between players to collapse

Hey there fellow DJs.

I am completely new to this forum but I thought it would be the best place to potentially find help regarding this rather odd problem. I have been using my prime Setup (2 SC 5000s and an X1800 Mixer) for about 1.5 years now and about 2 months ago I first used Tidal to stream with the players. Everything worked perfectly, I connected an etherenet Cable to the HUB of the X1800 and was able to easily acces Tidal and stream songs.

Starting two days ago a massive issue came up. Whenever I start the setup with the ethernet cable plugged in or connect the ethernet cable once all devices are fully booted it causes the entire network between players and mixer to “collapse”. I can start the setup without an internet connection and everything works perfectly. The on air mode works, sync works, I can use the thumb drive in the 2nd Player etc. Once I connect the ethernet cable, nothing of that works anymore. I can’t access Tidal either and all the cue LEDs on the mixer loose their corresponding colour and turn blue.

The exact same setup worked seemlessly for about two months. The error source definitely seems to be my home Internet connection, since I tested the setup at my neighbours house and everything worked perfectly (including tidal connection).

Is it possible, that my router somehow doesn’t “accept” the prime units anymore and messes stuff up this way?

As I said, everything worked perfectly… until it didn’t. No changes to any device, no software update or anything simmilar.

Can you switch between Source: USB and Source: Tidal on the touchscreen ?

Once I click the Icon it says “Connecting to Tidal, checking network connection”. After two minutes or so it says “No connection”.

If I hook up my laptop to the ethernet cable the internet connection works perfectly fine.

Usually your router does give each device in the network an IP address via DHCP. Each newly added device dynamically gets a free address. Normally this should work perfectly. I could imagine that the SC5000 are trying to get the address they had when they were working last time but meanwhile another new device has occupied the IP address. I would expect the DHCP router to fix that automatically but sometimes this does not work. You could try to give static IP addresses to the players and see if this helps. Well of course there are many other possible reasons for the issue such as a damaged LAN cable, a defect in the X1800 or anything the like.

Thanks a lot for the response! The error most likely doesn’t have anything to do with the mixer, since that one works perfectly with another network. I have also ruled out a damaged LAN cable since it works perfectly with my laptop.

Does anyone have experience with giving static IP addresses to the players and the mixer?

Hi Mattley,

What happens when using the WiFi in the units? Does that work, or does it also cause problems?

The router or network switch is connected to the PC ethernet port of the X1800, I presume?

Units only do DHCP. You could perhaps make IP reservations in your router’s DHCP server, but that shouldn’t make a difference. Then again, the set works in another network.

I think the DHCP scope in the router is full. Have you rebooted and/or updated the router to solve this? Otherwise please try to remove all client leases.

Hey there, Wifi works just fine, which is throwing me off a bit.