Internal battery not enough?

sorry that I have more questions, but denon asks 19 volts and the battery is only 18 volts that can’t work?

Denon dj prime go has possibly a voltage regulator inside on the power input, that can manage probably something between 15V till 20V

Fully charged it’s just under 20 volts

I use this adapter , Milwaulkee or Dewalt batteries and I can “GO” all night . GREAT alternative .Much respect to KillA-dogg for posting this.


Hey Everyone,

I just picked up the GO and I was wondering, has anyone has tried the Omnicharge Omni 20+? Apologies for not sharing a link, my account is too new.

I would like to do the same (i have 18v bosch and found the adapter). Is there a problem if the battery is over 4A. Because the denon’s electrical transformer indicates 19v-3.42A so a 18v 4A battery is almost identical but … if we put 18v 6A or 8A batteries? the intensity will not burn out the electrical input or does it regulate itself? (this is a question for electrical professionals …) Thank you.

I’ve been using a 5 amp hour battery without any issues. The amp hour rating is just the capacity of the battery (how much gas is in the tank). The go only draws much amperage as it needs.

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People in the Facebook group say Omnicharge Omni works.

I use Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC and get about 8.5 hours total play time.

This is fantastic and thank you for sharing this. I have purchased all the parts and can now extend the battery life of my controller. Just a quick question and sorry if it is a bit random: but when you use the battery pack and adapter, do you plug it in right away or use your internal battery and then plug it in once it starts to run out? Thanks

I plug it in right away

Cool. Thanks for your response :+1:t2:

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