Intermediate +/- 6 % pitch value

I must admit that the fact that you can set the pitch value to +/- 4% offers a remarkable precision. But sometimes the next track you want to match has a much lower or higher BPM which requires you to switch to +/- 8% which is less accurate.

Why not propose the intermediate value of +/- 6% which allows to extend the BPM range without losing too much precision.

Moreover, a lot of pioneer CDJ users like to use the +/- 6% range. And I think it would allow many of them to migrate to Denon products without losing their habits.

And I don’t think it’s something that’s very difficult to implement. And it would be much more useful than +/- 20, +/- 50 or +/- 100 % ranges that almost nobody ever uses.


More, the better indeed.

How about Denon add a dial in BPM range.

You long press “BPM range” and rotate the parameter knob to choose ANY number between 1 and 100 (probably only even numbers).

That way, if your mixing style absolutely needs a 22% bpm range and neither 20% or 24% will do it for you, then you just dial in 22%

I suppose in some really dull genres of music, you’d need a 2% range :laughing:


It is a good idea. Maybe make a feature request out of it, if it’s not there yet. More options for any users are always good to have.

I got mine about a week ago and it was one of the first things I thought. I wouldn’t exactly call it a problem as the pitch faders are the best ive used since technics, so they are a joy to use, but i have been using +/- 6% for a while and I find it perfect for what I’m mixing.

Does anyone know what the pitch resolution is at pioneers +- 6% ?

Is it actually any finer resolution than a Prime @ 8% ?

I think pitch resolution is 0.02 @ 6 % on CDJ.

Although the resolution is similar to the current 8% range, in practice at 6% the fader travel is longer, and therefore the pitch adjustment is faster and more accurate

Adding a 6% would not add much compared to the classic 8%, but it would easily replace the 4% which is a bit limited. And the pio coincidence :slight_smile:

A 16% could be useful in extreme cases (key lock on), but I never use 20 to go beyond 12…

50 and 100% have limited use, but they allow to halve or double the tempo, not to mention that they demonstrate the excellent quality of the DSP!

Funnily at -100% the track is still playing!

Depends on genre, for techno/house/melodic/progressive 4% is great…high pitch resolution. I always play with 4%

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