Interference with Behringer mixer


I have a Behringer VMX100 USB mixer and as soon as I connect the RCA cables from the interface to the back of the mixer, I experience serious static interference of some sort… please help!!!


I’m not familiar with the behringer mixer but usual things that can cause issue where vinyl is involved. Check all switches which offer options of Line Level and Phono(graph) Level… Line level is HUGE/LOUD compared to phono(graph) levels and will make massive noise if you feed a shout into a socket expecting a whisper.

Also check your Phono vinyl decks to see if they need earthing/grounding


Hiya DJ Boothe I will double check the switches, but everything looked fine during set up. As for the grounding, I made sure it was connected and even went out and bought a ground plug (which turns out wasn’t needed). What levels should I have my volumes/gain?


You did connect DS1 into line, not phono inputs?


So I should be using my line inputs on the back of my mixer for my turntables instead of phono? Thanks a bunch


No, you should be using line inputs on the back of your mixer for connecting with the DS1 interface! Your turntables are connected to the interface, not the mixer.


Silly me, that’s what I meant. Right, line inputs and not phono inputs… that should do it. Thanks again


Ayyyyy, it worked!!! Thank you soooo much. Cheers