Interaction with Traktor

Is it possible in the future to work with the Traktor software

NI would need to do the work to make it work. You should ask them in their forums and if you hear an official response come back and update the rest of us here too :slight_smile:

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Daniel @ NIJuly 19, 2019 09:28

Hello Sandeep,

I cant not reply to this, as it is a decision that Denon takes.

What issues do you have with your setup?

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Well then…finger pointing lol I hope this happens too; it’s always been said it’s the software companies that need to do the work. Thanks for sharing

Traditionally, the hardware company have to request support. Serato/Traktor usually will not go behind a companies back and add support.

Serato will never

Pioneer tried to reverse this with their certification program but I don’t think it was successful!

Virtual DJ does not wait for the hardware company!


If you’re talking about Serato, then yes. The software is basically locked. The only way to use a particular device is if Serato add the support. I believe there’s a fee involved, and probably the agreement to put Serato branding on the hardware.

Rekordbox of course is exclusively Pioneer.

Native Instruments tend to prioritize their own hardware.

Atomix (VirtualDJ is the software, not the company) in the case of the Prime series used the Denon SDK to add support, so it wasn’t done behind anyone’s back. They had to liase with Denon and wait on them before native support could be announced.

But thats not Atomix/VDJ usual “way” but they will support a toaster if they can! Its nothing against the company or software, as they give the people what they want without artificial limits

Thats true, but they add support for Pioneer XDJ/CDJs as well eventually!