Integral 512gb sdxc card unreadable

engine prime reads and writes the 512gb integral card just fine but once put in the player nothing happens.

i had also purchased a kingston 128gb sdxc card at the same time and this card functions as expected.

im guessing there is a limit on the size of card the sc5000m will reconise.

the integral card is genuine and i had tested this by filling up the card to its maximum.

can you fix this or tell me what im doing wrong.

Hi @andyfoz - let me look into this for you.

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Try a SanDisk :joy::sunglasses:. You know, a renowned brand…

I’m bugging you of course. Let’s wait what Jay finds out. Perhaps there is indeed a max.capacity.

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just the 512gb is at fault, thanks for looking into it.

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The max.capacity I have laying around are some 64GB Kingston SDcards, so cannot test this on my end. I mostly use a 500GB Samsung T5 or a SanDisk 128GB stick.

Hopefully @Jay_DenonDJ reports back on this.

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Hi all, I’m still waiting for an update but I can tell you I’ve been personally using a 128GB Scandisk Extreme USB 3.0 with no prombelms on both PRIME 4 and SC5000’s.

Will update as soon as I have news.

No problems indeed, but @andyfoz is specifically testing a 512GB sized SD-card.

So the question is what media size is supported by the SD-card reader in an SC and in a Prime4.

Thank you Reese, I understand the question and I’m waiting for an appropriate response.

We don’t have access to Integral SDXC cards to test this. If you have tested multiple formats (FAT32 & exFAT) with this drive to no avail, then I would suggest purchasing a more trusted brand such as SanDisk, Samsung, WD, Kingston, etc.

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with respect i wont be purchasing another 512gb card just incase it works, the integral works in my phone,tablet, dell dj laptop and my gaming rig where engine prime writes 450gb of music to it.

the playlists and tracks are all there fine and it can be worked on, when its placed in the sc5000m, nothing.

the card is fine jay and i will be very suprised if any 512gb card works in the sc5000 unless they can taste the difference.

1tb sd cards are on the way so i think 512’s will become more common.

also are you telling me that you have been able to use a 512 sandisk sd card without error?

I am currently using a Samsung EVO+ 512GB formatted to FAT32 (formatted using GParted in Ubuntu). Mine works without issue. Maybe this is an EXFat issue with flash memory?

didnt you say recently that you used 2 x 256gb sd cards?

did you get the 512gb in the last couple of days?

I went and bought the 512GB after a conversation on a different thread on here (worlds largest sd card or soemthing similar).

If the drive is faulty, which can be, the decks should manage the reading error properly, not just not working and then users in the forum instructing to buy a different brand.

When you use an faulty CD or HDD in your laptop and the operating system fails to read from it, does it shut down? does it silently fail? Nope. It manages the error by letting the user know, showing a meaningful message and not crashing.

Silently swallowing all the read errors is a BUG in the decks, a coding defect, a problem - and instructing users simply to buy a better drive again and again is not a professional solution.

Please be advised, no employee from Denon recommended using a different brand.

Sure, they have not - sorry if it seemed from my post that I was saying that. I think it’s normally us, the users, the ones suggesting that a better drive will solve what is likely to be software problems (and if the drive was the issue in the first place, the decks should not silently hide the error).

Also and for the record, when I mentioned “not a professional solution” I did not mean that the forum admins are not professional, but that not handling reading errors properly is not good coding.

Ehmmm… . :woozy_face:

I stand corrected.

As an aside, I just dropped unformatted and improperly formatted SD Cards into VM’s for OSX, WIN10, Ubuntu, Debian, Parrot, and Kali. Only the OSX and WIN10 operating systems gave any popups about the drives needing to be initialized, formatted. Win10 did not pop up a message for a SD card formatted in an incompatible file system (ext3).

So, blaming this on the software development team for not showing an error is an invalid argument. As a developer who works specifically on digital content delivery (movie distribution) with clients who rely on file system compatibility, I felt the need to check myself.


You’ve piqued my curiosity. I work in post production audio for film. May I ask, where you are located and what kind of material you’re working on? You can hit me back via personal message or not at all, especially if you’re linked to an NDA, as I am.