inside channels leaking into outside channels

i noticed a problem on my X1800 mixer today.

not sure if its since the firmware update or its always been like it.

the issue is the inside channels leak into the outside channels so channel 3 leaks into channel 4 and 2 into 1 when putting slight presser on the fader sliders in the 0 position.

has anyone else had this issue or have my faders already worn out?

the link below shows the issue i’m having.

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Just check your FX cue mate, I’ve had bleeding when that’s been switched on.

Hello @Ryanlbates01, thank you for posting. If you are still experiencing problems with your channels on your mixer, please submit a bug report on our new ‘Bug Reports’ section of the forum, so that we can properly handle your issue. Goto: to submit.

hey yeltsin.

ive tried with both fx cue on and off but still get the same result :disappointed:

:cry: gutted for you mate, perhaps send it back if in warranty.