Input from External source and Serato Hot Swap?

Couple of quick questions: Loving my Prime 4 but wondering : Will the ability to use and input device thru one of the line ( 3 or 4 ) inputs be possible ? Ex… Having an iPad/Ipod to be played via lines 3 or 4 while in standalone mode would be an interesting touch.

Any plans to make the switching between Serato mode and Standalone mode more of a Hot swappable option. ( Switching without having to have unit reboot??

I think everyone wanting to use the Prime 4 in both modes is wishing for the same. Otherwise it’s some kind of audio selection box or another mixer

You could buy a external sound card for serato laptop then run the audio lead from that to the line 3 or line 4 input on the Prime 4

That way, you could play from serato laptop and mic it’s tunes into any tune you’re playing on Prime 4 and other way too