Inline editing on removable media


I found a repeatable headache in engine prime. When editing the filename in explorer de file gets unfindable for engine prime, that was known allready. But what i found that when edititing the artist name, de file gets corrupted. unplayable. Gave me plenty of aargh moments during shows and when importing and editing new imported music.

Anyway, hopefully its clear what goes wrong and hopefully in a comming update there will be some sort of missing/corrupted file finder/debugger.

if any questions, ask me! (i have repeated it several times now, even on my 3tb backup collection formatted in exfat so now some files on that drive are corrupted too)

protip: backup the backup the back up!

for some reason it doesnt do it every time, i dont understand why but it seems to be something with the processing or packaging i dont know, its really hard to wrap my head around.

Are the edits involving any international characters eg: á ê î œ etc

Have any other database tools, tweakers, converters etc been used on the music files ?

hey Gee,

thanks for your reply! sometimes é like in beyoncé but i think open windows explorer tabs seem to be effecting the editing. also traktor and iTunes seem to interfere when opened. i discovered it when adding freshly ripped new tracks not processed whatsoever. and when editing in prime it kept happening. But when i rip my cds in windows media player and edit artist and trackname, i Always have to edit it in engine prime again, where in traktor it reads the existing tag.

i am getting more sure it has something to do with open windows explorer tabs and something screwing it up writing changes to the file. everytime it happens prime has a mini crash trying to play the edited track, but it doesnt mark it in red like when a file is missing, so i need to double test every track after every change, and i noticed it doesnt seem to happn when traktor is the only open program/tab.

Certain odd tag contents can disrupt Engine Prime 1.1.

However that has been programmed out in the next version of Engine Prime.