Initialisation freezing before end of process

Software or Firmware Version: 1.3.2 on OSX and 1.3.1 Prime4 firmware

Start Prime 4 it initialize and litting all buttons 3 times and at the 4th it freezes and many buttons are lit (not always same amount). P4 is completely freezes. Can’t even access the menu by pressing and holding the View button. Can’t upgrade firmware to 1.3.2 I am stocked…

Is there a way to reset the P4?

Hope this won’t happen anymore…I am now very anxious to use it for my next performance…

Please help! JC

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Same here, Except in my case all buttons go out and just the main and platter screens stay lit. To upgrade you’ll need to power on while holding the eject button, That way it’ll go into upgrade mode manually. Then you upgrade using the blue wire/laptop method. Hope it works for you. I have done this multiple times and upgrading it is not working to fix the freeze! Hope we get a response from some denon staff soon.