Increasing amount of information screens on SC5000m

Hello all,

I can see that both SC6000 and Prime 4 now have the ability to increase the number of tracks you can see on the list on screen. Can we expect this to be updated on the SC5000m?

Also would it be possible to add the option to have more information laid out across the screen? So when drilling into a playlist or crate the contents of that playlist would be seen across the entire screen, removing the playlists? You could hit ‘back’ to get to see the playlists on the screen again, but having more real estate for the tracks within the playlist means you could seem comments and ratings across the screen.

I would find these updates v useful. Any chance Denon?



Hi, There are already several posts asking the same thing. I already made a publication or function request, for the moment we are waiting for an answer. Let’s not continue duplicating information. Thank you

I hope so, its weird you don’t have the option to make everything smaller to get more information on screen on the sc5k…

I don’t want or need a massive wave on screen, just need to see the peaks and different phases, I like the long blends so once I got a mix going I just listen to it and ride it out.

The more it gets posted / requested the more likely to happen, no ?

I do not think it is a matter of posting more things like that if a post has enough likes to notice that people want a list of songs on the left to see on the right all the information of the song of a single pass. no?