Incoming Update for SC5K & X18K?


In the last post i red last year, they told me that the next update for the SC5000 & the X1800 will come in the early 2018. 2018 is almost over and there is nothing new.

Someone has more informations about that?



My children are also already asking about their Christmas presents…

Anyway, it’s being worked on!


We want to know ?! yes i am really impatient :smiley:


We’re on the 7th day of the 5th month of a 12 month year. That’s not even at the half way point yet, let alone being almost over.


Regardless, some sort of e.t.a. would be nice.


Looks like soon:


Sorry, only Gee or other DenonDJ staff can disclose info on that.


i always live in the futur :stuck_out_tongue:

i meant early 2018 is almost over. Sry


Yes, it’s coming soon :slight_smile:


I cannot officially know anything :crazy_face:


René Descartes would more or less agree with you.


So where is this update then? It’s been 7 months since the last one, and 5 months or so since the last engine update


I presume that means you’re a beta tester for InMusic.


And one more month is gone? Is it coming? And if, when?