Improved search function


I know the 8000 has really been maxed out with the new updates but could there be space for a improved search function like a actual search option and utilise the touch strip for typing or at least be able to put a couple of letters for improved search results ?

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Either that or being able to use the platter to quickly scroll would be great.

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Thank you for your suggestion @DjDFOUR, I will pass onto the team.

Regards J



another downside in the tracks search it’s not having the possibility to see the artwork of each track in the list, the artwork is more easy to memorize and remember than the only track title. (like old style dj with vinyls, it was sufficient to just look at the cover of the vinyl to immediately remember the sound of its track while mixing and choosing them). Anyway maybe I guess it’s not technically possible to add artworks to the track list of the mcx 8000, instead if I’m not wrong the prime 4 shows artworks.



I agree with you, search function should be improved, for the other things the controller works good.

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I also agree with this improved function and the display of CD covers. To be honest this is the only function I regret my XDJ R1 with visualization via ipad. (and also the reliability of rekordbox, but engine will improve, is not it?)