Improved - Better BPM detection

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? Improved bpm detection for al styles of music

  • How will this feature help you and others?

  1. It will allow hardware Beat FX to work better
  2. Sync will work better
  3. Library Sorting will work better
  4. Resolume will work better
  5. Soundswitch will work better
  6. Beat jump will work better
  7. Loops will work better
  8. The world will be a better place
  9. It will make library and file management easier
  10. It will reduce the burden of manually scouting through my library trying to find songs with abnormal BPM.
  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?

Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, DJay, Mixx

  • Does a workaround currently exist? Tapping the beat, Looking up BPM on the internet and manually adding it

  • How often would you use this feature? 24-7

  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add?

I know Denon is aware of this as it predates the “feature request” thread.


Not sure how this doesn’t have 100x likes. I’ve been finding every 1/10 ish songs don’t have the BPM’s correctly analyzed after using EP.

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Maybe it does … divided between the dozens of individual posts people are making without searching to see if someone’s already requested it.

The topic title also suggests that the bpm detection has already been improved . People might be reading that and thinking they don’t have to vote for it coz it’s already happened.

Still need to keep pressuring Denon, if we don’t no one else will. As of last update I am still finding consistent BPMs improperly analyzed. I can’t speak for others but this is my experience at the moment.

They’ve already said they’re aware of it and working on it. I’d rather they did it right in their own time than half-right because they felt rushed. Eg: “we want update firmware every second Tuesday !!!”. I doubt on-screen blackmails and hurry-ups will bring any firmware forward on demons roadmap.

We’ve no idea how many other updates might be entwines with whatever work is being done on bpm but we know already that many existing functions rely on bpm so denon might have to test a lot of exiting features and pending features with any and every change they make to the bpm algorithm.

It’s under feature request.

Feature Request : Improved BPM detection

They are aware of it. I remember @paul_denondj listing it in that long firmware update thread.

Created this one to combine all the threads I could find on it. There was no feature request thread then :wink:

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The MCX8000 was released in 2016. BPM detection was an issue brought up way back then and still is today (three years later and soon to be four). I think that end users have been more than patient for the fix. I’m with djbertie: Keep the pressure on.

For the record, I own an MCX8000. It’s a heck of a Serato controller, but the real reason that I purchased it was because it was marketed as a standalone unit. Prime Users can’t fully realize the potential of the products until the BPM detection is improved. If Denon DJ resolves this issue with Engine Prime (and a few other minor userability issues), I predict that they will become the new standard for the DJ community. #ChangeYourRider will be a real thing and not just a hashtag that isn’t trending right now.

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i didnt realise this issue was 4 years old, im glad i jumped off the bandwagon. based on that i would guess the issue was never intended to be solved. and probably never will be.

heres the thread i made about the bpm analysis, Mixmeister is owned by in music. There flagship players would be fixed overnight if they could share there sister companys bpm analysis technology under the hood.

I’m still here lol.

Denon is stuck with me and I will keep on advocating for improved user experience.

The NZ guys are pushing out updates faster than we can even test them but nothing in relation to the native bpm algorithm.

PS I appreciate the id tags bpm workaround but it’s a workaround, that requires one to use a different software and perform two different analyses.