Impossible to sync via midi with the x1800. Has this been addressed?

Hi, a few months ago I wrote a post in the “X1800 Bug reports” forum area:

No replies to that post from then, and I can’t write to that post anymore because it has no replies.

I was wondering if, since the X1850 is around the corner and it seems to be able to send a MIDI Start signal, all the MIDI sync problems in the X1800 or X1850 have been addressed?

I am still impossible to sync an external device via the MIDI output of the X1800: please try to sync perfectly the two devices: after a few bars, the devices get out of sync. Even worse is the case if the pitch fader of the SC5000 is moved!

Any words on this, @JWiLL, would be much appreciated.

Short answer: no.

However, JWill stated that features added to X1850 would be made available on the X1800. Hope MIDI-start and quantize FX are some of those.

See old thread here:


ok, thanks @Reese, but keep in mind that what I am asking is not the midi start signal, is just to be able to sync via midi! It is currently not possible to keep the two devices in sync for more than 20s or 30s approximately.

That has to with beat phase and was also requested somewhere in the past.

Is this not a limitation of midi in general? I could be wrong though.

If one has a few devices all linked together via midi and if the master tempo adjusts by design do the slaves recognize the tempo change instantly?

I thought that’s one of the reasons Ableton link was created.

The few times I’ve messed with ableton link I observed it doesn’t keep things in phase but the master-slave behavior is as expected. eg Tempo on a hardware goes up, the slaves recognize that in real time and things stay locked in.

Not at all, many devices I have played with, were keeping a perfect sync even if I changed the tempo. And they were connected via midi. For example, I had a Roland Aira System-1 connected (as midi slave) to a DJ-808, via a din-5 midi connector. The sync was perfect permanently, even if I changed the tempo in the DJ-808.

Nevertheless, if that was the limitation of midi, my problem could be solved by expanding the DenonDJ Link protocol (via ethernet) to the Akai Force (which is the system I would like to sync to the Denon players, all of them under the InMusic umbrella)

Does midi bpm still work only in integers, like 130 Bpm? Or will it cope with decimal places on bpm now?