Importing Traktor Playlists


Wat is the correct workflow to import Traktor playlists. I did the complete nml collection, but that’s giving me problems and crashes…


Apologies for the delayed response Ab2you - we will have a video ready very soon that will explain the workflow involved for Traktor collection integration


Have you done the video yet for Traktor? Thanks


Any updated on the video about Traktor Playlists?


Guys, any update on the importing process? If I import my entire traktor collection and copy playlist from there to a usb stick, my sc5000m players won’t have the cue points copied and not all the tracks are analyzed? As I can see we are still waiting for a video? Any news?


Having nothing but problems with importing my traktor playlists. I read on this post denon say they will upload a video explaining? And then nothing. The support from these guys is beyond a joke. I had a x1800 mixer I asked for support for and had nothing so I swapped it for a xone 96. I have the sc5000 players but I’m getting impatient. Engine prime is horrible and I’m fed up with it. I have had them since their release and I’m loosing my patience fast.


I was able to import mine but had to tweak the grid and cue points a bit.


Mine show up all red and dont import any information. Also unable to play the tracks.


Denon, any news about this yet? Where is the video?