Importing tracks from saved 'Contents' in EP

Goodday everyone! I am new to the DenonDJ forum and a rooky when it comes to DJ-ing. I only DJ for friends at home or at small house parties. I used to work with Recordbox and Pioneer, but recently started using DenonDJ, Engine Prime and hardware.

So here is my question:

I have an external disk (USB-stick Kingston Datatraveler 100 G3 32GB) which I would like to sync with my Crate/playlists. The thing is, that I only saved my music tracks through Recordbox. The MP3 (or other music format) files are only accessible through the so-called ‘Contents’ folder that Recordbox automatically created once. I imported the music tracks from this folder in Engine Prime and now am wondering whether this will suffice for syncing the crates/playlists on my USB-stick. The reason I ask this, is that when I import the tracks from the ‘Contents’ folder, I don’t get any preview and sometimes the BPM seems to be off. When I download a track again and import it from my download folder in Engine Prime, I seem to get a preview of the track almost instantly, but for some reason the BPM does not show. I haven’t had the time yet to try the USB on DenonDJ hardware.

Maybe there is no problem at all, but I was just wondering whether anybody can tell me whether importing tracks from the ‘Contents’ folder is possible or not, or will create issues.

Thank you in advance for your reply! Oh btw, I am using the latest Engine Prime 1.6.1.

Engine Prime has a rekordbox import option.

Go to settings Enable rekordbox Library

You may need to point Engine Prime to the XML file that rekordbox creates on the USB.

Thank you for your reply @mufasa. I think I have made the error of deleting my original music folder on my pc when importing the tracks in Rekordbox. The only copies I have left of my music are now only in the Contents folder that was created by Rekordbox on the USB-stick. When I import the tracks in EP from this Contents folder, they do not seem to get analyzed properly by EP, and that is where the problem lies I think.

I think the only solution now is to redownload all the tracks… Before I do that I will check whether formatting the USB-stick (after making a backup on another HDD) will solve the problem. If so I will let you know.

There should be an XML file that rekordbox creates also on the USB stick.

Plug the USB to Laptop and check if there is one.

I couldn’t find the XML file. It seems to work however after transferring the Contents folder to my other external HDD and reloading the tracks from there. The BPM now seems fine and also the preview.

Just another quick question: my crate and playlist now consists of the tracks I imported from the external HDD (Western Digital). If I eject this now, will I lose all the content? Or will the content automatically be recognized again once I connect the Western Digital again? Now it says my tracks will get unloaded if I eject the Western Digital HDD. Thank you for your help.

Thats strange

Typically id expect Rekordbox to add an XML to the USB stick when you export to it.

What version of rekordbox did you make the USB with?

You shouldn’t have to do this for EP to recognise the music files

Yes, the tracks and crates will show up in EP when you connect that external again, if you did it properly.

  1. without the external drive connected if you start EP, you will have only tracks that are in your computer internal drive that you have added to EP collection

  2. if you are like me (i dont have any music stored in my computer), EP will start up with a blank library, but once i connect the external drive, my crates and tracks will show up

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Thanks again @mufasa.

I don’t really understand why I could not find the xml file, I used Rekordbox 5. It is no big deal however, since I did not put a lot of work in creating playlists and/or arrangements.

That was my thought too, but for some reason from the USB-stick, the tracks did not seem to be analyzed properly. After transferring the files to my external HDD and re-importing them into EP, it seems to work flawlessly.

I only have my music on my external HDD now, since my internal drive relatively has little space. I will do the same as you then.

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