Importing the Serato Dj Pro library to Engine Prime and Exporting Engine Prime to Denon Dj Prime 4, Prime 2, SSD, USB key

Beforehand … it will not be necessary to forget to format the usb key or the hard disk in “ExFat” whether it is an internal or external SSD disk (To format an internal disk of P4 … it will be necessary to use the USB cable blue provided).

You will need to install either the latest version of Engine Prime 1.3.4 or version 1.3.3 and don’t forget to update the firmware of your SC controllers or readers!

In the Engine Prime settings, you must activate Serato by choosing “On” in the “Library” tab (Important! Deactivate “Auto-Analysis”)

There will be the Serato tag icon in “Orange”, then you will have to launch an “Update Serato Library” analysis and there … there will be all the Crates that will appear.

Once the Serato analysis has been carried out, you will have to drag it to “Collection” and once finished you will drag the content onto the hard disk which is supposed to appear in Engine Prime.

Tip during your creation of your Serato DJ library create a root “Crate” folder which will include all the other Crates will be easier to drag it deposited in Engine P, it will also automatically generate SubCrate.

See below for details of the steps from 1 to 6.

Here is what I did on Serato Dj :

  1. Root folder “Crate” DJ.

  1. My Crates which include SubCrates classified by Artists:

  1. Then Engine Prime:

You will have to click on “Update Serato Library” and I will find my entire library identical to Serato:.

  1. I will just drag the Root folder “DJ” in Collection which is on the far left:

  1. Then once all this done … I dragged the Root folder “Collection” of Engine Prime in “Collection” of the hard drive or the usb key, in my example the Device is called SAVE it is an SSD external backup:

  1. In the image below I am making a dragged DJ deposit in “Collection” of SAVE

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