Importing playlists from Traktor & Rekordbox results in 0

Hi! using Engine Prime for the first time with a brand new Prime 4 deck. I’m trying to import playlist from my previous Traktor and Rekordbox. Engine Prime does connect fine and shows the correct playlists with tracks in it. When dragging an existing playlist from the Traktor or RB playlist to the EP playlist section, the playlist is created, but with zero tracks in it. Als when trying the workaround ith the rigt mouse button on the existing playlst and choose for Create Playlist or Create Crate from this playlist, does not result in an import. How to fix this?

Are your tracks on a local storage location or networked drive?

Yeah as Yvomans says this happens if you have your tracks on a server/nas a fix has been requested

Hmmm. That is a real nasty one :frowning: All my tracks are stored in the Cloud and synced through an avaible L: disk. Windows Explorer does not see it as a network storage.

Yeah I know its a pain, only work around at the moment is to copy them to a drive local to the machine. Its annoying but not a major issue as even a USB drive works.