Importing iTunes Library to Prime

hi folks, i have been looking the prime 4 and wanted to start of by importing my iTunes library to prime and seeing how everything worked before investing in the prime 4.

i have watched the tutorial and went through all the steps but still can’t get anything imported. watching the task it says its importing album art etc but nothing from iTunes is showing.

can anyone give me advice on this please. thanks Iain

Hi @iainalpine - Is you iTunes music stored on your local computer or in the cloud?

@JWiLL not just in the cloud, the question to ask is: Are your tracks stored on a removable drive which is NOT formatted FAT/ExFAT; a NAS or Fileserver or cloud drive.

Because all those track storage locations will cause problems with EP. And not just for iTunes collections, but any collection (Serato/Traktor/Rekordbox) that has tracks stored in any of such locations.

I’m not going to do a shameless selfpromote this time how this can be avoided :slight_smile: