Importing entire iTunes structure

Is there ANY way that I can import my entire iTunes folders and playlists into Crates in Engine Prime?

1.1 seems to support playlists in folders but doesn’t support imported folders??? Again… REALLY FRUSTRATING!!

It’s such a fundamental and common requirement I really don’t see why it’s been missed out?

following on from my last post: Why doesn’t the SC5000 convert the Rekordbox library to Crates rather than playlists when a USB is first inserted as then the sort options would still be available on the player?

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I also feel there are still area’s for improvement as it relates to importing/converting from other “platforms” like ITunes or Rekordbox into Engine Prime.

I have not yet stopped using Rekordbox as my main application to analyze, set cue/loops etc.

Not sure what the status is with rekordbuddy as they are mentioning for some time now a conversion solution from Rekordbox to Engine Prime.

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Library conversion is key to dj’s considering migration over to EP. I’m sure EP engineers are hard at work getting this all sorted, and hopefully once they have an effective solution, there will be tutorial vids and the such.

Any improvements with EP and iTunes?

Afternoon all, there will be some improvements to Engine Prime covering these topics in the next update.

Thank you for your patience, as some of you may know inMusic (who own Denon DJ among others) have made a $10m investment into a 22 strong software development team in New Zealand who’s core focus is on DJ software.

Regards J


It will be nice to be able to import all crates eg from Serato to Engine with one or two clicks.

  • First click: Refresh Database
  • Second click: Import all tracks to collection (mirror crates or playlist if applicable ○ yes ● no)