Import (and update) existing File System folder structure (folders + subfolders) as crates

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? Import existing File System folder structure (folders + subfolders) as crates (and the ability to keep the crates up to date with newly added files in those File folders)

  • How will this feature help you and others? You can store/organise your music in the folders you want, Engine library works entirely with the folder structure that the user wants. Just like import serat

  • Does a workaround currently exist? Manually, very time consuming

  • How often would you use this feature? Always, since it would be automated


I would love this feature in reverse. Being able to export crate and subcrate structure with files into a folder layout that matches. Could completely re-organize my collection utilizing engine prime. #lifesaver


I agree. I tried to convince Rekordbox to do the same especially recarding recursive folders/playlists in the XDJ/CDJ but they don’t really care or just say it might be implemented in the future. Moreover I wish to have at least the same functionality that I have in rekordbox: When I have several folders fe: House, Techno, Deep House that have subfolders sorted by bpm … and i drag and drop them into engine prime it seems that all music lands in one big playlist. In rekordbox the software at leasts different playlists according to the name of the mainfolders so playlits: House, Techno, Deep House and so on. For starters having this option would help a lot.


Not really related to the forum, but if you really need to do this and you use Windows you can do it with Foorbar2000

How is it done using Foobar?

In the playlist view, select some tracks. Right click -> File operations -> Copy to… In the dialog opened, you can build the path of each target file by setting a pattern, in which you can refer to the tags of the files. Ie:

%genre%\%date%\%artist% - %album%\%track%_%title%

will lead to:

\Techno\1990\Joey Beltram - Energy Flash\01 - Energy Flash.mp3

Of course you need the audio tags very well set up to get good results if you do this for big batches of music.

Too bade Engine Prime isn’t consistent in writing Tags. That and I have a crapton of wav files.

I use (also for WAV, while that’s not standardized) TagScanner. Free and does what it needs to.

I also opted to have the option to make “my crates = my folders”. So even file structure users can simply use the crate workflow.


I would like more crates than 512. 2 to 5000 would be nice. That includes sub-crates as well. MORE CRATES, MORE CRATES!!!

This is how would like to see it implemented:

  • configure music folder(s) in settings
  • right click on Collection => context menu ‘Import music folders’
  • import audio files from all configured folders (recursively)
  • extra: option in settings to keep the folder / file structure from file system or to import the files as a flat list into the collection

This need to happen! Pls denon :heart:

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Any update on this? Annoying having to add and reanalyze the entire folder to get a few new added tracks in the collection.

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Man, this would be one of the best (and probably one of the easiest) fixes for Engine Prime software! I’m now dragging and dropping all my folders and subfolders to make new crates. and I hate it! hope to finish this in the upcoming days! So please Denon, make this easier!

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Joey Beltram-Energy Flash…if you want BASS then you got it!:+1:

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Yes, this is much needed. Please, thank you. As soon as it’s up, send us the update.