[IMPLEMENTED] Serato Support for the SC5000M Controller Mode

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have?

Serato support with advanced controller HID mode preferably i.e Scrolling waves, Album art

  • How will this feature help you and others?
  1. For Denon: It will help to further improve the versatility of the outstanding players.
  2. More venues will consider the units for installation as visiting djs can use serato (if thats their software of choice)
  3. For Me: Things i use in Serato includes and not limited to Serato Video, Mixemergency, Open-format gigs, Serato Flip
  4. For Others: Can’t speak for them, but they will have it as an option
  • Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?

Denon SC5000, Denon MCX8000 (has scrolling waveforms), Numark NDX 500, XDJ 1000MK 1, CDJ 2000 (MK1 to NXS II), CDJ 900, CDJ 900NXS, CDJ 850

  • Does a workaround currently exist?

No (Timecode USB is not exactly a workaround, but if push comes to shove)

  • How often would you use this feature?


  • Is there any additional information you’d like to add?

This was mentioned after launch dating back to Sept 2018 as coming soon.


We are going into public beta on this very soon :slight_smile:


That’s great news.

Thanks for chiming in.

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@JWiLL Were you referring to the just released Serato Pro 2.2 beta?

Any ideas of how soon “soon” is. :man_technologist:t5:

It’s been nearly a year since the SC5000M was announced. Unless they’re holding off for some kind of implementation that hugely exceeds what the SC5000 already does (scrolling waveform, more native-like experience) then I’m really at a loss.

I don’t want it necessarily as a primary setup but as a backup and an option for niche gigs, absolutely. We’ve been led to believe it’s coming since it was announced about 11 months ago and it was a consideration when I bought the whole setup.

Is this something that will coincide with the Streaming Summer update?

With Soundswitch and the new team nearby in NZ i’m not sure if Denon and Serato are tighter than ever or now fighting tooth and nail over the same pool of talent!

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Hello Denon , I am really wory with this … When will be SC5000M support Serato DJ …now its July and no News …

Can you help all users please we need SC5000M full support



Another Serato release comes and goes and no word on the SC5000M. This is getting kinda ridiculous.

Sure, Serato compatibility isn’t the be all and end all but it’s useful for VJing and for pasting over Engine Prime’s unfortunate shortcomings. It’s becoming a joke now.

It’s been a year, I know it’s a collab with a third party but can we get a truthful statement on what is happening with it?

I don’t understand what’s the problem of serato dj support because you have to add only motorized platters you now have support for SC5000 in new version only have motorized platters I think it’s time to have your help

I’m guessing that rather than any major technical hurdle it’s more that negotiations/manoeuvres/company politics are afoot.

Maybe both companies’ motivations have shifted in the last year, because, in a way they’re frenemies!

What’s frustrating is we’ve heard “soon” for the best part of a year from both sides, with little to no clarity.

Denon’s hardware is great but the software is the reason it’s gathering dust.

I reckon a firmware update will be required from Denons end as well for the implementation.

I’m done waiting for it…if it happens fine, if it doesn’t I know where to spend my money next time.

Maybe they are trying offload as many Rane Twelves as possible prior to supporting the 5000m.

I bet if pioneer releases a motorized CDJ with Serato support Denon will make a move.

It’s interesting how they all seem to use Serato to get in the door and once they start getting any sort of traction the relationship goes lukewarm.

Pioneer can do this as they have a formidable software alternative…EP isn’t at that level yet.

Anyways we wait again…soon can’t come early enough.

If the P4 gets Serato support before the Ms…I think I will loose my 5h1t

It’s frustrating to wait but at the same time nobody wants a buggy update.

Inmusic make a good percentage of the hardware for serato use so I’m pretty sure they can slap their stick around as well as serato can. So if Denon says serato support is coming then it will be coming.

Imagine a super mega update … Virtual DJ, Traktor and Serato DJ support all in one go for the entire Prime hardware line.

That will be something else.

This should be the goal for anything labeled “Flagship”


Another month has rolled by and still no news on the Serato support that was promised for the 5000m.

In this space of time Serato has supported 3 or 4 new products including the Numark Scratch.

What’s up Denon?

Give the people what they want.


The Prime 4 should have had Serato and Virtual DJ support from the day it was released…from a business perspective especially since it’s targeted towards working djs.

It will just be nice to have an alternative solution using the hardware whilst waiting for Engine prime to mature.

I wonder who makes these decisions.

707M, 1000SRT will eat into your market share.


Very Valid points here. I have no issues with using them in standalone mode - However I am a Serato person and having to update my engine Prime library as well as my Serato library to use them out on gigs is becoming a hassle to the point where i don’t want to bother.

Especially when Engine Prime…well it just isn’t good and frustrating to use.

‘Going into public beta very soon’

Well its been almost 3 months - Thats not ‘very soon’

People are paying a lot of money, And I just think they can’t be arsed.

Agree this will give users the best od both worlds, i would love full serato support on the decks. Especially for permanent club setups allow other serato dj’s to just plug and play

Howdy :cowboy_hat_face:

Hope this is still coming as promised?

Hi @mufasa,

Yes, this is in development. As always, I am unable to confirm release dates but it is being actively worked on.

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In development? How is it still in development when you commented ‘We are going into public beta on this very soon’ Almost 6 months ago?! That is not very soon.