Images/Art for numbers from Itunes missing in Engine

When I imported my songs from Itunes (Mac), some imported songs in Engine (maybe 10-20%) did not have a songs Art (artwork/images) included. I have tried to delete all songs in engine and reloaded again, re-analyze, re-import track information, but nothing helped! (Some of these song a newly bought in Itunes, and ALL songs work with art in Algoriddim DJay Pro. So …) Can anyone help? Thank you.

Mostly if the tracks are from an album, they do a jpg file to the folder with the artwork. That means, the Artwork itself is not part of the id3 tag. (For saving diskspace)

You have to export the artwork by yourself and use a mp3 tagger like “mp3tag” to write that artwork to th mp3 file.


You may need to archive (ie rename or delete) the Engine Folder in the drives your music are stored on.

If you have already imported a track to EP further changes such as adding artwork may not carry over on subsequent imports irrespective if you deleted track from EP and re-add


Archiving means you will lose any performance data you have made in EP, basically you are starting afresh


That worked! Thank you, DJ Dark.


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