I'm back! Huge hard drive questions

So am a long time Denon DJ but when the disaster of the 3900 came out, I switched to sx series pioneer and just got the 5000m’s. Anyway, I’m a mobile dj and have a huge database of music, over 150k songs, with a 5tb Lacie rugged USB C/3 hard drive. Is anybody using this with the players, and can you please share your experience good or bad.

Only one way to find out…test extensively at home with your drive.

I have used 4TB SSD and HD.

Slightly slower speed when searching for a track.

As the 5tb is absolutely essential to your job, perhaps you should could just analyse your favourite crates and leave the rest of your library unanalysed.

What was the disaster of the sc3900? I didn’t pay attention to online stuff back then and I owned a pair.

Aside from slower track search (which is expected), I have not run into any issues at all using large capacity external drives.

I’m curious what format such a drive would be in that could be read by the Primes. NTFS is still not supported even though it’s in the manuals still. HFS? Is there some elaborate way of formatting to FAT32 for drives over 2TB and does this work flawlessly (other than being slower directly proportional to size) when you do it?

The unit was a mess for about a year. Glitches. Shut downs. Song limitations. Player would shut down or slow down. It seemed possessed.

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Sc3900 slowing down playback was a emergency “feature” when players could not read the file from the usb media. But for some reason everybody thought it’s a error with the players.

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You can format large format drives as FAT32 in Linux using GParted or in Windows using Tokiwa.

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And no limit to the size those utilities will format to FAT32 and no limit to the size of such a FAT32 the Primes will see?

Ive gone up to 3.2TB with the SC5000 so far without issue. I don’t own any SSD’s larger than that currently.

I opened a thread some time ago for this as my 30k songs collection in my 1TB SSD is excruciatingly slow to search and navigate. Denon replied saying that, as long as we were using 1TB SSD drive, it should be good, and that they had tested with up to 70k songs and it was fine.

I am no experiencing the same and I have ended up splitting my collection in two different libraries, which I’,m not very happy about.

I don’t think the number of songs analysed matter a lot for searching and navigating the database. They do, as analysing the songs add the KEY and BPM fields to the database, but the important factor is number of songs.

Another reason they need to bring in Lan PC library option right?

For Mobile djs