If Denon make a DENON PRIME 2 version of the P4

My suggestion in the DENON PRIME 2 A two channel mixer Full size jog wheels Dedicated sampler Price around 1300 To cut costs Two USB port SD card No internal hard drive bay A smaller screen like the SC5000 What do you’ll think ?

I think if denon made a Prime 2 , a 2 channel version of the prime 4 it should be exactly that with nothing added, just two channels of faders and knobs missing.

Anything else would need it’s own tangent or deviation of the firmware.


Or maybe spinning platters - PRIME 2M??

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I think why settle with 2 decks when you can get 4 :slight_smile:

I can see a lot of users wanting a more compact standalone system, however I think releasing the Prime 4 makes sense as the competition has no comparable unit, so anyone wanting a 4 channel standalone has to go with Denon.

For a future product, a Prime 2 put in direct competition to the XDJ-RX2 would be a good product but strategy wise, it wouldn’t make sense to release a 2 channel one before the 4 channel version.


I think once the Prime 4 is released and in good shape, Denon can/will take that concept and make anything with it that the industry will demand/need (2 ch, motorized platers, no zone, sampler, smaller screen etc. [to fill in the gaps in the product line]).

As a company, the difficult part is almost done and they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The future looks bright for Denon DJ and that is exactly why getting the Prime 4 out the door when it is really ready (for professional use) is imperative. They can’t afford for this product to be out with issues as it’s not just about this product, it’s about the concept and the ecosystem they will be working with (trying to sell).

Just my 2 cents.



Might also need a unique hook, like a small sampler section, so a piece of a playing track (up to a few minutes) could be offloaded into this sampler while two other tracks are playing. Could entice owners of the 5000/1800 separates system and owners of the Prime 4 beyond just its much smaller overall size/weight than either of those setups.

I’d agree, but I also agree with some others that they should not change much if anything; I do want a sampler.

I could see a 2 channel unit for portability, small club booths, ceremonies and a backup unit to the 4.

Since you’re attracting the mobile DJ’s with the HD, adding a Prime 2 would solve a lot of problems. Apart from the missing sampler, this was my major hold out. What if the unit (Prime 4) at an event? If you’d like us to disconnect from the competitor software dependency, we need micro solutions too.

A prime2 with s/n and midi out would be great. Especially if you could link a sc5000/m with it.

The prime 2 I picture it like a 2ch version of the x1800 sandwiched between L/R controllers like the prime4 but without the fx/zone,mic knobs on the top but with the same screen on the sc5000/m decks.

A battle prime2 perhaps?

My Prime 2 mockup! 2 decks, 2 mics…limit the sampling. Need a lighter, smaller rig for mobiles Denon Prime 2


give it motorised platters and i’m in!!

Good mockup, but probably a slightly smaller screen as it holds less channels. :wink:

Close enough, just with a smaller screen and the mic controls will be on the right side :slight_smile:

You guys get to be my age you’ll. See the need for a large screen!!

Little photoshop… HAHAHAHAHAHAH Denon Prime 2, 2 channels with 7’ screen in the middle, bigger jogs and darkkkkkkkkk from the SC6000 Mic on the right side and the effects for both channels in the left. Also, usb’s and sd card in the right.

still too big

Denon prime 2 out !

Now we know for sure - and the Prime 2 is really two Primes m, the Prime 2 and the Prime Go ! D

so for us older jocks…i see an external keyboard can be used…mouse as well? Id like to use a bigger screen…is there a simple cable type available?

I could use the “go” but the screen is an issue would love to add something like this… https://www.newegg.com/15-6-asus-zenscreen-mb16amt-capacitive-10-point-multi-touch/p/N82E16824236985