I wish my preferences would save from previous uses

I prefer Musical Keys all sharps, but every time I power down all my preferences are lost and the P4 defaults to Camelot. I wish the preferences were saved from your previous use so I don’t have to reselect All Sharps every time I play. I shouldn’t have to reselect quantize every use as well.

Hi @DJCB1, thanks for posting this one too! You are able to save your user Preferences on PRIME 4, including Key Notation. Hold the ‘VIEW’ menu and goto Preferences, then scroll down to the ‘Library’ Section where Key Notation preferences live. Once you choose your setting (in your case, Sharps), scroll back to the top of the menu and press the ‘Save to Hard drive’ button. All preferences, including your key notation should be saved and you won’t have to change them after each startup.

Hey @Nekoro_DenonDJ,

Along the same lines I was curious why when I switch sources it asks me if I want to load my preferences. Its every time… I could see the first time you read a drive but it should remember after that no?

Hi @DJCollinOliver, thanks for posting! You are asked to load your preferences each time because each source’s User Preferences is unique. Your User Preferences cater to how you want PRIME 4 to work when you perform, and PRIME 4 is accessing an entirely different library and potential user every time you switch.

I get that but on other devices you have to tell the player to load your preferences… it doesn’t ask you. It is really frustrating when you are playing from multiple sources and everytime you switch back and forth it asks you if you want to load preferences. Not a great workflow.

Then simply delete the profile file on the other sources beforehand with a computer.